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Sunday, March 24 2019 @ 09:57 PM UTC

Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Barro Blanco Hydro Electric Project in Panama

Infrastructure UpgradesThe Supreme Court rejected a claim against Articles 120 and 130 of Law 6 of Law 6 of February 3, 1997, which allows the compulsory acquisition by the state of several parcels of land found in the area where the Barro Blanco hydroelectric project in the province of Chiriqui is being built.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Felix Wing, representing Raul Rodriguez , after the Public Services Authority began a process of compulsory acquisition in the area of ​​Barro Blanco, for the development of the new hydro electric power generation facility.

According to the claim, Articles 120 and 130 of Law 6 of February 3, 1997 violate Article 51 of the Constitution, which establishes the concept of expropriation of land in cases of war or serious social disruption.

However, the Supreme Court found in this case the applicant's arguments are unfounded and without legal basis. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: The Barro Blanco hydro facility is a large project that is sorely needed in Panama, to increase the amount of energy being supplied to the national power grid. The simple fact is that the nation's ability to generate electricity has not kept pace with the growth and expansion of the economy over the past decade, and the construction of new apartments, office buildings, malls, and things like the Metro subway system (which runs electric trains.) So this is one of those cases where the project is going to get built no matter what, regardless of what the environmentalists or lawyers have to say about it.

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