Don James Foundation Denies Abnormalities

Monday, April 21 2014 @ 02:40 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Jaime Lasso, the representative of the Don James Foundation, denied any link between the presidential candidate of the Panameñista political party Juan Carlos Varela and the judicial investigation in the United States for money laundering against his daughter, Michelle Lasso.

Yesterday members of the Panameñista political party produced copies of checks written during the 2009 election campaign by companies belonging to the Colombian David Murcia - who was investigated for illegal fundraising - to the company Importadora Ricamar S.A., owned by president Ricardo Martinelli, and to CD S.A., the company created to raise funds for political purposes.

The Miami based newspaper Diario Las Americas has been publishing reports for a week now written by the journalist Sergio Otálora, implicating Jaime Lasso and Juan Carlos Varela in illegal activities (money laundering and the illegal diversion of funds from the Consulate in South Korea), implications Lasso labeled as false.

Through a press release, Lasso said the case in the US is closed, and at no time was he involved, the Don James Foundation, or Juan Carlos Varela.

Checks From Murcia

The lawyer Miguel Batista Guerra denounced the existence of checks for several thousand dollars written by companies related to David Murcia, during the 2009 election campaign to the company Importadora Ricamar S.A., to the company CD S.A., and to Ricardo Quijano, the current Minister of Commerce.

These checks, according to Batista Guerro, were "hidden" by prosecutors and they were not included in the investigation led by the head Anti Drug Prosecutor at the time José Abel Almengor, and the Prosecutor of Civil Affairs William Parodi against Murcia, who was tried and convicted in the US for crimes related to the illegal capture of money.

Quijano denied the linking of the party or the companies owned by the President to the Murcia case, and he described the allegation as a way to tarnish the candidacy of José Domingo Arias. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: This is nothing more than the most recent attempt by the candidacy of Juan Carlos Varela and the La Prensa newspaper to whitewash the millions of dollars his campaign apparently received - money that came from illegal online gambling activities in the United States, and monies that were illegal collected and diverted from the Panamanian consulate in South Korea to the same bank accounts. First of all, Ricardo Martinelli is not the candidate. With this "news" about some checks from 2009 they are attempting to salvage a few votes with the logic line of "Varela is no worse than Martinelli," or "Martinelli did the same thing Varela did." That is not a winning strategy, especially when you're not running against Martinelli, and you have yet to adequately answer or address the $27.5 million dollar question about your laundry...

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