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Monday, June 17 2019 @ 04:41 PM UTC

The Road To The Gatun Locks Collapsed - Sinkhole

Canal ExpansionThe roadway of one of the roads used to access the Gatun Locks on the Panama Canal sank yesterday afternoon, near the area where work is being done to expand the Panama Canal, apparently due to damage caused by two large pipes that pass through the area.

"The water began to undermine the land until the land subsidence occurred, affecting vehicular traffic access to the sector of Gatun," firemen and the National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC) who responded to the scene.

A team of security and maintenance personnel from the Panama Canal Authority are working right now to open a provisional roadway, and to restore normal traffic flow. The depth of the sinkhole was not revealed.

There were no vehicles transiting the site at the moment of the collapse, therefore no casualties or injuries were reported.

ACP Press Release

In a statement, the ACP urges drivers to take necessary precautions, after a section of the Thelma King roadway in Colon suffered a collapse as the result of a sinkhole.

"Personnel responsible for the administration of the construction of the third set of locks in the Atlantic sector reported that traffic on the Thelma King roadway, near the entrance at the northern part of the project, passing the railroad tracks, has been interrupted. However, a detour has been enabled that allows drivers to reach their destination," the statement added.

The press release says personnel of GUPC and the Panama Canal Protection established an alternate route for vehicles through a detour, passing through the project site where the locks are being built. All drivers in the area are asked to obey traffic signs and take the necessary precautions. (Prensa)

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