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Sunday, May 19 2019 @ 11:18 AM UTC

The Coronado Computer Whisperer

Internet & Technology Nestled between two restaurants directly off the Panamerican Highway in Coronado across the street from the Coronado Mall, lies one of Panama’s best-kept retail secrets: Punto G Electronics.

This is a computer store unlike any you've ever seen (or are likely to see) anywhere else in the world. The owner is Vera Bucek, a glamorous and flirty native New Yorker who opened Punto G Electronics exactly six months after she moved to Panama four years ago.

What makes this computer store so unique is the upscale boutique-factor, the personalized customer-service, Vera’s contagious laughter, and her uncanny knowledge of a variety of technology.

After many years in the technology field and a B.S. degree in Information Technology under her belt, Vera moved to Panama in search of a tropical environment and a place where she could add value to a community by sharing her love of technology. Having visited each and every computer store in whatever city she lived or visited, she felt what they all had in common was a lack of warmth and personality.

So, on her first visit to Panama, when she saw there were no computer repair stores in the area and that the construction of the Coronado Mall was nearing completion, on-the-spot she decided to make Coronado her home and open up shop. Her goal was to create a one-of-a-kind retail and repair store that reflects her fun personality where even a non-technical person could feel comfortable, and where the selection of products was unique and interesting. She also felt it was vital to provide Coronado with competent and accountable professional technical support, using honesty and integrity as the building blocks of the store’s culture.

Her dream was realized on 10 December 2010 – the day she opened the doors to Punto G Electronics, S.A. , fondly referred to by locals as “The Computer Ministry.”

Vera easily admits at first, it was very rough going because she was caught off guard by the overwhelming number of Panama’s “obscure” business and employment laws. On top of that, she had no idea of what to charge customers. She recalls the many all-nighters she worked for free because of employee errors and misunderstandings with customers. But what she did know was that she did not wish to emulate any other computer store, and that Coronado needed her.

Immediately when you walk into Punto G, you can’t help but to notice that the decorative style and earth tones make you feel like you’re in someone’s well-appointed home instead of in a computer repair store. While you’re there, you’d be cheating yourself by not enjoying one of the flavorful Jolly Rancher candies always available at the sales counter. Vera personally brings these candies from the States and they are one of Punto G’s signature pleasures you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Panama. And if you’re in the store for more than a minute, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself tapping your feet and humming to the Motown tunes playing on the store’s stereo system.

Typical Services:

1. Networking (commercial and residential);

2. Computer Repair:

a. Hardware

b. Software

c. Mac

d. PC

e. Linux

f. iPhones and iOS

g. Android tablet and phone customizations;

h. Data Retrieval

3. Computer consulting;

4. Custom Computer Builds;

5. Security Systems.

Unique Services:

1. Cozy entertainment display area with red leather seating;

2. All English new and used DVD’s in manufacturer’s packaging;

3. Apple TV jailbreak expert;

4. Hard-to-find cables;

5. Cool and new one-of-a-kind products;

6. On and offsite technology support;

7. One-on-one computer classes on pretty much any topic;

8. Webstore with real-time product availability;

9. All support staff speaks fluent English;

10. All English computers;

11. Shipping via Courier all over Panama;

After nearly two and a half years in the Coronado Mall, on 22 April 2013, Punto G moved across the street to its current location between California Burger and Asados Del Campo.

As the first computer repair store in Coronado, Punto G has achieved a reputation as a valued asset to Panama’s Gold Coast Beach community. Wherever she goes in the area, Vera is recognized as the Coronado Computer Whisperer and you can easily spot her by the group who invariably gathers around to ask her all sorts of technology questions.

Since nearly all of the store’s products are imported from the United States in very small quantities, Vera rarely needs to explain to her customers that while Punto G cannot compete with the big brand stores in terms of prices, they cannot compete with Punto G in terms of customer-service and attention to detail.

Whenever you’re in the Coronado area, you simply must make a point to visit this gem of a computer store. If you find something you like, you’d best purchase it immediately because their exclusive bleeding-edge products are usually only available in limited quantities, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that you won’t find the same items anywhere else in Panama. You may even want to drop your computer off for a thorough virus cleaning or bring your phone in for an upgrade or custom operating system installation, and experience firsthand how they go the extra mile to please their customers.

You can give them a call at: 345.3877, or visit their website at:

Although Punto G’s business hours are 10a-7p Monday through Saturday, Vera can always be reached at 6911.8760 for any digital emergencies.

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