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Saturday, February 16 2019 @ 11:54 PM UTC

"The Public Ministry Is Not Political" Says Attorney General Ana Belfon

Law & LawyersPanama's Attorney General Ana Belfon said the Public Ministry "is not a political entity," and today she will make a statement on the requests to investigate the allegations published in both local and international news media against the presidential candidate for the Panameńista political party, Juan Carlos Varela.

"The Public Ministry does not live in political times, but rather procedural times," said Belfon.

The Chief of the Public Ministry met on Thursday with representatives from the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime from Chiriqui, to try to a work plan to confront the increase in criminal activities in the province.

She also indicated a task force lead by the Special Prosecutor Against Organized Crime in Chiriqui is investigating the disappearance of the two Dutch women Lisane Froom and Kris Kommers.

"We are not ruling out any theory in the disappearance of the two young women," she said.

She added that a Dutch organization is collaborating with these investigations. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: So Panama's Attorney General will make a decision today on how to proceed regarding the "Varela Gate" scandal. Interesting. Let's see - I expect she will announce they have opened an investigation into everyone involved, with the exception of Juan Carlos Varela. She will refer to the Panamanian Constitution and Criminal Procedure Code, and pass the responsibility to the National Assembly to investigate Vice President Varela. There's enough meat on the bone regarding the allegations against Michelle Lasso, her father Jaime Lasso, and others involved in laundering the money from illegal Internet gambling in the United States, as well as the allegations regarding the illegal diversion of funds from the Panamanian Consulates in Japan and South Korea.

All next week there will be still more details coming out in the press. Ana Belfon will call a couple of witnesses and generate a couple of headlines. The National Assembly will begin to talk about what to do about Varela. All of this during the final week before the national election which will decide the next president.

With regards to her statement saying that the Public Ministry is not a political entity? Bullshit. Jose Ayu Prado started off as a prosecutor in the Public Ministry who went after the former president Ernesto Perez Balladares (for Martinelli). As a payback for being a loyal lapdog, Martinelli promoted him to the position of Attorney General, where he continued to target corrupt officials, crooks and criminals who were in the opposition. Later Martinelli promoted him again to the Supreme Court. And today, he is the President of the Supreme Court. Not political? Rather, it's the definition of political.

But no matter. Ana Belfon will investigate crime and follow the law. The Lasso family and others apparently did (in fact) break the law, so I expect the Attorney General will investigate those facts. And of course, while doing so she will say "it's not political" and claim to be simply following the case wherever the chain of evidence takes them. However the truth remains, that a guy like Martinelli would never appoint anyone to a position as important as the Attorney General, without first making sure they were playing for this team. That's simply the way he operates.

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