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Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 07:06 AM UTC

One Killed, One Wounded in Brazen Multiplaza Murder

Crime & PunishmentThe National Police reported a shooting at the Multiplaza mall in downtown Panama City on Friday night left one dead and one injured.

Preliminary reports indicate one of the offenders started shooting at the two victims at 7:30 pm as they were sitting in the Grand Café restaurant.

According to a witness at least five shots were fired.

One of the criminals fled in a van, and another in a taxi. Police began investigations. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Whoever the shooters were, they were recorded by at least a few security surveillance cameras as they made their escape. However this sounds like a hit - and there's a very good chance the shooter was on a plane for Bogota before the ambulance arrived. That's what they do in these sorts of things. The paid assassin is flown in from another country. They make their plan and have it all set up. And they go straight from the scene of the shooting to the airport to board their plane back to where they came from. And of course that's all just simple speculation. There's no information on the identify of the victims, why they were shot, or who shot them. But history dictates that these highly visible murders in a very public setting are often paid assassinations, and almost always related in some way or another to drug trafficking.

And the bottom line for the members of the English speaking expatriate community in Panama remains the same. This sort of violence rarely spills over to impact the expats. The only exceptions are when gringos get involved in crime or drugs, cases of mistaken identity, or targeted home invasions or robberies because of a perception of relative wealth.

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