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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 03:07 am EDT

Well Known American Expat Clyde Jenkins Died in Colombia Yesterday at 78 Years of Age

Expat Tales By Don Winner for - With great sorrow and a heavy heart I report the death of my good friend Clyde Jenkins, who passed away yesterday at a hospital in Colombia. A friend of his posted the following on the Colombia Expats yahoo email group;

  • Clyde passed away about an hour ago. He had been in a coma since early Sunday morning. He was sedated and did not suffer. In the last 24 hours his status turned critical as his kidneys had failed and he developed a bad infection.

  • Gina is making funeral arrangements. Since Clyde was a relapsed Catholic, she is arranging a mass for him. As he wished, his body will be cremated and the ashes scattered.

  • I will verify that a death certificate has been prepared and issued and will also make certain that the US Embassy in Bogota is notified. When I inquired Tuesday, I was told they will need the death certificate before the death can be formally processed.

  • Those of us who knew him and visited him when he was in Santuario know that his life was simple but comfortable. He had homemade furniture, some appliances and clothes. There are two very dated hand held GPS units, a Dell laptop and a larger display. Aside from these, the whole bunch would probably bring only a few hundred thousand pesos if sold. He told me last week that he wanted these few things to go to Gina, and the laptop to his Young student friend Jhonny. He was so grateful for their care during his decline over the last weeks. As long as I knew him, he never had a TV.

  • I will remember this remarkable man fondly. He was highly intelligent. He kept his mind active playing games such as Free Cell, but would add complicated rules, play the games backward and so forth. He devoured the news daily by internet. During our friendship which lasted over 5 years, I visited him often, at times along with my brother Dwight. Clyde liked to recount his childhood in Washington and his later life in San Diego. He wrote some beautiful little vignettes about his life and his loves. He had once been quite wealthy, but lived his simple life very happily. He never complained about not having enough, and was blissfully happy in his precious Santuario. He was an accomplished chef. Whenever I would visit, I would bring lots of goodies for him - cheeses, salamis and other stuff he could not find in Santuario or Pereira. He always got a bottle of Gran Marnier from me. He had remarkable recall. Even in his last days, when he became quite fuzzy and would worry about dementia, I would prop him up by pointing out how well he remembered events, people and places. He told me that perhaps the only regret he might feel in his last minutes would be that he did not live to see Orke O brought to justice in Panama.

  • God Bless you friend. Rest in Peace and surely near your beloved Pacific ocean.

  • Your friend Tommy

I first met Clyde about ten years ago at an even organized for expats in Panama. We quickly became friends, and we were close while he lived here. I would pick him up from his small little one-room apartment in Casco and we would go do whatever together.

Clyde was a constant presence on most of the Panama related Yahoo email groups. I asked him to help me moderate the Americans in Panama Yahoo group, and he volunteered to help me clean out the moderated messages and keep the (mentally ill) trolls at bay. He was happy, friendly, and more than willing to give of his time and experience to help the members of the growing community of English speaking expatriates, both in Panama and in Colombia.

Bye, Clyde. Thanks for everything. Rest in Peace, Marine...

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