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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 04:34 pm EDT

Expat Stig Pedersen Dies From Injuries Received During Assault In Bocas del Toro

Expat Tales By Don Winner for - Stig Pedersen, a member of the community of English speaking expatriates living in the Republic of Panama of US and Danish descent, died last night as a result of the injuries he received during a brutal assault and robbery.

On June 21, six armed, masked men assaulted and abducted 73 year old Stig Pedersen at his home located in Tierra Oscura, in Bocas del Toro, in the Republic of Panama.

This morning I received the following from one of Stig's friends;

  • I hope you are well.

  • We are all shocked to learn this morning that Stig died last night.

  • You may not have heard that 2 weeks ago 6 armed men arrived at his house ransacked the house and assaulted Stig savagely.

  • The perps stole Stigs Panga and kidnapped Meribel and the unconscious Stig and drove away with Stigs Panga loaded with the loot stolen from his house.

  • Stig was found about 2 hours later at Pittie Creek in his boat and saturated with petrol. Meribel had jumped from the speeding boat fearing for her life and swam ashore.

  • He was taken by the police to hospital in Almirante, later transferred to Changuinola and later still David.

  • He was in intensive care then an operation we think to ease pressure caused by bleeding on his brain.

  • He seemed to be recovering and was allowed home in a wheelchair 2 days ago. He was speaking but was unable to walk due to paralysis down one side of his body.

  • Last night apparently he suffered some breathing difficulties and then died.

  • We are all very sad and appalled by this and I in particular would like to do anything I can to put pressure on the police and prosecutors to make sure this is properly investigated and that criminals get punished.

  • Any advice you can offer or pressure you can exert would be appreciated.

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Editor's Comment: I would return to the neighbor who Stig said "wants him dead" as a starting point. My condolences to his friends and family.

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