William Dathan Holbert Now Committing Crimes From Prison - Via The Internet

Friday, July 18 2014 @ 12:54 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

By Don Winner for Panama-Guide.com - Is anyone surprised? Now there are reports the confessed serial killer William Dathan Holbert, a.k.a. "Wild Bill," is using a cell phone and Internet connection to commit crimes in cyberspace, and the Panamanian authorities still have not shut down his access.

This morning I received a tip from a source who wishes to remain anonymous indicating Holbert is using the Internet to impersonate women and commit fraud;

Correct on both counts. I do want to know (thanks), because I think the Panamanian authorities should enforce their own laws, rules, and regulations regarding prisoner access to cell phones and the Internet - specifically to prevent them from committing these sorts of crimes.

Checking out the tip, I found the following posted on the Craigslist Panama website, at the top;

(Note: The photo used in this article is just some random advertisement from Craigslist Panama posted by two chicks who will visit your hotel in Panama City during daylight hours - and is not apparently associated with the illegal efforts by Holbert and Osburn to deceive and defraud the public in any way. But you know me - any excuse to post a pair of hooters is basically good enough...)

Well, that's to be expected. The criminals are concentrated in the prisons, so of course it's natural and normal to expect them to try to continue to commit crimes while in prison if given half a chance. There are actually two versions of this same warning posted on Craigslist in two different sections on different days. So, apparently he's been doing this for some time.

Editor's Comment: I continue to express my concerns to the Panamanian legal and judicial authorities regarding prisoner access to smart phones and the Internet. Javier Martin was trying to use a cell phone from prison to book trips on sailboats for tourists. Now Holbert is impersonating women on Craigslist to commit fraud and identity theft.

Why is it so hard to put Holbert in a tiny little box, with practically no creature comforts whatsoever? He should be provided with whatever is required by law - according to international standards for Human Rights - and nothing else. By that I mean (start) food, bedding, drinking water, and a toilet (/end), enclosed by four solid walls. There's no way in hell this murderous monster should have a cell phone. So he can't talk to his mother in North Carolina. So what? Who gives a shit?

If I were the Warden of the David prison I would make a long list of "things that make William Dathan Holbert unhappy" and then I would implement those things, one by one. In my opinion Holbert should be a very unhappy and frustrated prison inmate. He should suffer each and every possible aspect of the deprivation of liberty and personal freedoms, as consequences associated with the crimes he's committed. He should have no say, whatsoever, with regards to the conditions of his confinement.

What's more, his continued and blatant disregard for prison rules and regulations proves his recently acquired religious rhetoric is false, and purely self serving. Holbert is a hypocrite who cites the Bible, while he simultaneously uses the Internet to impersonate women in an attempt to defraud desperate gringo men in Panama who are seeking affection. This is the same guy who was a Nazi loving white supremacist, who chose the name "Adolf" when buying a fake passport. Yeah, he's all about God and Jesus...

But whatever. This piece of shit will rot in prison until he eventually dies, dreaming about the freedoms he will never again experience, at the very least. He's already severely limited, and I would just like to see that last little bit of wiggle-room reduced to absolute zero.

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