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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 08:56 AM UTC

Panama Equity: Real Estate Sales Database

Real Estate Anyone who has researched real estate in Panama knows that finding closed sales data is nearly impossible.

In an effort to fill that information gap and bring more transparency to the market, Panama Equity in 2013 partnered with several leading real estate agencies and leveraged its membership in the Panama Association of Realtors (ACOBIR) to create an ongoing reporting system whereby closed sales are documented and logged into a database:

Click Here For Free Access To Database

Panama Equity is pleased to announce that our database now has over 100 verified closed sale transactions published in its ever-expanding list, and is constantly adding more city-based closed transactions.

While this represents a very small portion of the properties being sold in Panama as a whole, it's proven to be a tremendously useful reference for sellers trying to get a sense of how to price their property and buyers wanting to know what properties are actually selling for. And historically speaking, Panama Equity's data segment accurately reflects larger trends as a whole.

Panama Equity's closed sales data comes in an Excel sortable format, and includes elements like the age of the property, neighborhood, size, and price per square meter of the property sold. As the list grows over time, pricing trends can be more accurately identified and conclusions drawn.

We also welcome anyone who has recently closed a property in the city to share the information on the transaction in an effort to achieve greater transparency.

Access is available by clicking on this link:

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