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Wednesday, January 07 2015 @ 08:31 am EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

Punta Pacifica Realty is the largest real estate company in Punta Pacifica, laser-focused on sales, rentals and property management in the community of luxury skyscrapers on the Panama City waterfront.

In recent years, the firm has contracted more sales and rentals in Punta Pacifica, and managed more rentals, than any other firm.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to save people money and ensure the security of their investment,” says PPR founder Duncan McGowan, who has been living and working in Panama since 1998.

With its main office located on the Punta Pacifica roundabout, PPR is an established part of the neighborhood, working with the community and local associations to make Punta Pacifica a better place to live and visit. The office is also a convenient place for clients and residents to get more information, and consult with our sales and rental experts.

PPR is the most comprehensive agency in Panama City, a one-stop shop with designers, legal experts, accountants and a mortgage specialist to guide clients through every stage in the process. The property management operation is the most sophisticated in the area, with hundreds of properties under management and a team of 25 professionals dedicated to every aspect of maintaining and maximizing clients’ investments.

The PPR team also offers specific expertise in the Trump Ocean Club, the iconic sail-like tower that is the social and cultural hub of the area. Earlier this year, PPR opened a satellite office in the Trump, the Panama Investment Boutique by Punta Pacifica Realty, where potential clients can get updated information, news on investment opportunities, legal advice and the latest information on immigration and taxes.

“Knowing the nuances and differences of Trump apartments can save clients thousands of dollars,” says PPR managing director Jeff Barton, the former sales manager of the Trump. “Two apartments may be the same size, but the reality is location, views and rental demand can result in two very different valuations for a future resale.”

Panama’s real estate market can be a frustrating and complicated process for many real estate buyers. But PPR’s depth of experience in the market and multi-faceted expertise can help save time – and money, Mr. McGowan says.

“Our primary goal is to maintain and maximize our clients’ investment,” Mr. McGowan says.

For more information, contact one of the Punta Pacifica Realty experts at or call us at (Panama) +507-836-5991 or (USA) 786-528-3080

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