Panama Supreme Court Judge, Under Fire For Corruption, Threatens To Expose Other Justices

Thursday, April 23 2015 @ 09:47 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Magistrate Judge Victor Benavides, under criminal investigation after his former security chief stated, in a video and sworn statement, that his ex-boss took bribe money to fix Supreme Court cases, and also engaged in pedophilia, has responded by threatening exposure of Panama’s widespread corruption.

Benavides telephoned all the other members of the Supreme Court of Justice, as well as several prominent members of the National Assembly, Panama’s parliament. He threatened to expose:

(1) Rampant corruption among the Supreme Court justices.

(2) The identities of judges and Assembly members who kept mistresses, and their names.

(3) The names of government officials who engaged in acts of sexual depravity and deviance.

(4) Those who received bribes and kickbacks in Panamanian government agencies, and the courts.

Whether Benavides’ threats will have an effect upon his possible criminal prosecution is not known, but Panamanians are said to be sick of the corrupt system that operates government and the courts in Panama, and they may demand that this information be aired. (By Kenneth Rijock - Curacao Chronicle)

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