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Monday, September 24 2018 @ 06:12 AM UTC

"The Next Mayor of Panama City Will Be From The CD" Martinelli

PoliticsRicardo Martinelli said "The candidate for the Mayor of Panama City will come from the CD." "It might be a man or a woman," responded yesterday Ricardo Martinelli, the presidential candidate for the Alliance for Change, when asked who would be the next Mayor of Panama City. Martinelli said they are analyzing with their allies that the chosen one should come from the Cambio Democratico “because Iván Blasser fell out." But, members of the Union Patriótica (UP) say that according to the aiilance agreement they made with the CD, they are due the Vice Presidency and the mayorship. That is why Olimpo Sáez from the UP is lobbying for that position. (See Comments)

Editor´s Comment: What this article does not say is that towards the end of last week there was a meeting between Ricardo Martinelli and Alberto Vallarino from the Panameñista party, in which Vallarina lobbied to try to get Martinelli to endorse the Panameñista candidate for the Mayor of Panama City, Bosco Vallarino. Apparently, and by the looks of the content of this article, Martinelli not only is going to blow off Bosco Vallarino, but he also might step on this alliance agreement with the UP, and try to squeeze in a CD mayoral candidate as well. Let´s just say that right now, it seems Martinelli is feeling his oats.

‘El candidato a la alcaldía saldrá del CD’: Martinelli

ALIANZA. “Puede ser un candidato o candidata”, respondió ayer Ricardo Martinelli, candidato presidencial de la Alianza por el Cambio, al preguntarle sobre quién sería el candidato de la alcaldía de Panamá. Martinelli dijo que analizan con sus aliados que el elegido sea de Cambio Democrático (CD), “porque Iván Blasser se bajó”. Pero, miembros de Unión Patriótica (UP) sostienen que en los acuerdos de alianza con CD están la vicepresidencia y la alcaldía. Por lo que, Olimpo Sáez, de UP, cabildea por ese puesto.

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