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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 10:14 PM UTC

Aeropost in Panama - They Still Don't "Get It"

Internet Shopping and Mail ForwardingBy DON WINNER for - I received another email today from a customer of Airbox Express (Aerocasillas) in Panama. Many people are still confused because they consider themselves to be customers of Airbox Express, and Aeropost simply stepped in, stole Airbox's customer list, and "usurped" those customers away from Airbox. Now, many people continue to receive email from Aeropost even though judges in both Miami and Panama have issued orders telling them to cease and desist. I am withholding the names of the people who contacted me today, but I have a copy of the email they received last week. They write "Don, I thought these people were not to be doing business in Panama!! I am an Aerocasillas customer and just received this e-mail!" Every time this happens I forward copies of the email to the owners of Airbox Express (Aerocasillas) and their lawyers to use as evidence against Aeropost. The most recent email was signed by James Fendell, the President of Aeropost, who makes excused for their inability to move the mail during the holidays. Remember that while James Fendell is the President of Aeropost, the company is 60% owned by John Keith of Promerica Bank in Costa Rica. Their local wonk is Jeff Duchesneau. And, even at this late date, they continue to try to steal customers from Airbox Express, in spite of two judges orders against them. Eventually Airbox will win a huge civil suit against them and that will be that. In the meantime, while Aeropost makes weak excuses about not being able to deliver the mail, according to the managers of Airbox Express, getting rid of Aeropost and switching to their new service provider in Miami was the best thing they ever did. They say the mail is flowing faster and better than ever, even with the holiday rush.

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Aeropost in Panama - They Still Don't "Get It" | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Aeropost in Panama - They Still Don\'t \"Get It\"
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, December 21 2009 @ 04:00 PM UTC

I ordered a package online on Tuesday, December 15th, had it overnighted to my new Airbox Express address in Miami and received it in Panama on Saturday, December 19th. The new service (Transexpress) they are using in Miami is miles above the old one.

Aeropost in Panama - They Still Don\'t \"Get It\"
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, December 22 2009 @ 01:39 PM UTC

The hell with them. I never received credit cards, birthday cards from September and months ago. Had to cancel the cards and have then re-issued. I refuse to use Airbox any more.

Aeropost in Panama - They Still Don\'t \"Get It\"
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, December 28 2009 @ 01:46 AM UTC

I used airbox express after the change over and received the package in a timely manner. Then I ordered 4 more items and it took 6 weeks to clear Miami. I changed back to pakyapanama. No more airbox express for me unless I am ordering plants, which are difficult to get through pakyapanama.