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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:39 AM UTC

Here Comes Carnival 2010 - Are You Ready?

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying By DON WINNER for - This year "Mardi Gras" or "Fat Tuesday" falls on Tuesday, 16 February 2010 - which is next week. In the next few days everyone will start to have shorter and shorter attention spans as people start to think less about work and more about going off to the beach or the interior somewhere to party for five days straight. The "lucky" ones work just a half-day on Friday this week to get a head start on the long Carnival weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all lead up to the "big day" on Tuesday, the last official day of Carnival. Most people also get a half-day off on Wednesday, 17 February, in order to give them time to drive back from the interior and to recover from their hangovers, sunburn, and indigestion. Carnival in Panama City will be held on Via España this year, which will be closed from Via Brazil all the way down past the El Carmen Church. Starting about Thursday this week the "exodus" will commence as people depart the city for the interior and beaches. I encourage you to get out and enjoy the carnival celebrations. Just leave most of your cash and valuables at home or locked up in a safe place - if you're waking around soaked to the skin with nothing of value but a buzz and a smile, then you're relatively safe anywhere in the country. Protect yourself from the sun with hats and sunscreen. There will be people all over the place - hammered drunk in the middle of the day - falling down, acting stupid, and basically having way too much fun. Just be prepared to put some distance between you and any random drunk who's having too much fun, and be alert for "drunk fights" between people in the crowd. Carnival in Panama can be a blast - as long as you just take a few steps to stay safe. Now let's see ... Ziplock bags, Shorts, Sunglasses, covered cup to drink beer out of that won't get filled up with "culeco" water, Flip-flops, Sunblock, Pepto Bismo, High-Capacity Long Range Water Blaster ...

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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