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Sunday, April 21 2019 @ 08:09 PM UTC

40 Year Old Flag Football Coach (US Citizen) Arrested For Statutory Rape Of 13 Year Old Girl

Crime & Punishment By DON WINNER for - Detectives from the specialized Sex Crimes unit of the Department of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) of the National Police, in conjunction with officials from the office of the Auxiliary Prosecutor of the Public Ministry, arrested 40 year old Luis Carlos "Luiggi" Donahoue Ortiz in Panama City this afternoon. Acting in response to an arrest warrant issued by prosecutors, "Luiggi" Donahoue was arrested at his father's house located in Balboa, in the former Panama Canal Zone. Prosecutors charged Donahoue with the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl. The girl is a student at the Las Esclavas private school located on the former Fort Clayton in Panama City, near the Embassy of the United States.

Luis Carlos Donahoue Ortiz - who commonly uses the alias "Luiggi" - is one of the coaches of the girl's flag football team for the Las Esclavas school, and the victim was a member of the flag football team he coached. According to the complaint - to which has had access - "Luiggi" Donahoue offered to drive the victim home in his car after a team practice earlier this year. He then enticed her to have sex with him in her room. At the time her parents did not know what had happened, and the victim was afraid to say anything because she didn't want to get kicked off of the team. Her grades suddenly dropped, and her concerned parents began to investigate. They discovered electronic text messaging activity between "Luiggi" Donahoue and their daughter via Facebook. When they confronted her, she told them the details of what had happened. (more)

Spirit and Intent Of This Article: It's possible the accused - "Luiggi" Donahoue - could have committed other similar crimes either in Panama, or in the relatively recent past when he lived in the United States. It's been well documented "sexual predators" are rarely capable of changing the conduct and habits of their own accord, and they tend to have a high degree of recidivism. The focus and intent of this article is to alert the parents of young girls who might have had some sort of contact with this man in the past, because there might be other potential victims out there somewhere. This article makes no assumptions as to guilt or innocence, and of course the accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But with that having been said, you will observe the development of a disturbing pattern of conduct which should be fully investigated by the competent authorities. As I was investigating this, I uncovered many, many disturbing details which require further official investigation, and which potentially indicate the existence of other similar victims and circumstances.

Statutory Rape: The term "statutory rape" is used in some legal jurisdictions to refer to sexual activities in which one person is below the age required to legally consent to the behavior. Although it usually refers to adults engaging in sex with minors under the age of consent, it is a generic term, and very few jurisdictions use the actual term "statutory rape" in the language of statutes. Different jurisdictions use many different statutory terms for the crime, such as "sexual assault", "rape of a child", "corruption of a minor", "carnal knowledge of a minor", "unlawful carnal knowledge", or simply "carnal knowledge". In statutory rape, overt force or threat need not be present. The laws presume coercion, because a minor is legally incapable of giving consent to the act. The term "statutory rape" generally refers to sex between an adult and a sexually mature minor past the age of puberty. Sexual relations with a prepubescent child, generically called "child molestation", is typically treated as a more serious crime. In this case, and according to the allegations, the victim who is 13 years old is legally incapable of consenting. It's always a crime when a 40 year old man has sex with a 13 year old girl. And under Panamanian law, when the victim us under 14 years of age it's considered to be an "aggravated" crime which carries longer possible prison sencences.

Disturbing Patterns Of Conduct on Facebook: A review of "Luiggi" Donahoue's activity on Facebook reveals he is "Friends" with a large number of the 12 to 13 year old girls who are students at the Las Esclavas school on Clayton. As you probably know, two people who accept one another as "Friends" can share information and photos, which can be kept private from the public. Because I am not a Facebook "Friend" of either "Luiggi" Donahoue or the many young girls who are the students and the Las Esclavas school, who are also members of his flag football team, I could only see those photos which have been marked for public access. But even with that limitation, very disturbing patterns of conduct still emerge. For example, the girls had taken inappropriately revealing photographs of themselves - usually in their bedrooms and using the digital camera on their cellular telephones - and then post these photographs to their Facebook pages. And to be clear there are photographs of young girls who appear to be 12 and 13 years old in their underwear, or wearing something like a bikini at the beach. In many cases "Luiggi" Donahoue had seen these photos and clicked "Like" or made a comment. I briefly considered posting a few of the most concerning with the faces blurred out, but then decided against it in order to protect the identity of the girls involved. Suffice it to say the parents of the young girls who are the students at the Las Esclavas school in particular - and all around the world in general - need to take a more active roll in monitoring and controlling their Internet activities.

Trolling On Twitter As Well: In June 2012 "Luiggi" Donahoue used his Twitter account to send an inappropriate message to one of the young girls who plays on the flag football team he coaches, saying "Hola girl como estas te mando un super besote chao." (Hello girl how are you I send you a great big kiss bye).

Planned Flag Football Trip To Las Vegas: Earlier this year some of the members of the girls flag football team were preparing and planning to participate in an international invitational tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the victim in this case had been selected for the team. "Luiggi" Donahoue sent inappropriate electronic messages directly to the victim in this case via Facebook messenger. He told her things like "I don't know baby, let's see when we're together." When discussing the upcoming trip to Las Vegas, "Luiggi" Donahoue said "what would you think about you staying with me in the same room?" And he followed that up with "Believe me, I'll take care of everything if you want. There are a thousand ways of doing it, without anyone suspecting." When the victim's parents discovered this conversation between their 13 year old daughter and her 40 year old flag football coach, they confronted her and she confessed the truth, and told them the details of their relationship.

History and Background on Luis Carlos Donahoue Ortiz: "Luiggi" Donahoue was born at the Colo Solo hospital in Colon on 25 September 1972 - which means he turned 40 last week - and was actually 39 years old at the time the alleged crimes were committed. The son of Arthur Michael Donahoue, who worked for the Panama Canal on the Atlantic side, "Luiggi" Donahoue is a dual citizen because he was born in the former Panama Canal Zone, so he holds both a US Passport and a Panamanian (Colon) cédula number. "Luiggi" Donahoue graduated from the Colo Solo High School in 1991. He then attended the Hallmark College in San Antonio, Texas. He is married with two children, although he and his wife are currently separated and going through a divorce process. "Luiggi" Donahoue had moved back in with this father, so that's why the DIJ Detectives arrested him there.

Lived In The US For A Time: "Luiggi" Donahoue and his wife bought their home located at 3419 Ridge Ash in San Antonio, Texas on 8 August 2002 and then sold it on 30 January 2008, and probably moved to the area of Miami, Florida. After living for some time in Florida, "Luiggi" Donahoue apparently moved back to Panama sometime in 2011. Almost immediately he became involved in the girl's flag football team as a coach for the Las Esclavas school. Again, this history of movement is provided with an eye towards alerting the parents of other potential victims who may be out there somewhere.

The "Protect Act" Applies To Sexual Misconduct By US Citizens Overseas: As a US Citizen, it's important to note that the Protect Act of 2003 could possibly apply to "Luiggi" Donahoue in this case. This law allows for the prosecution in the United States of US Citizens, and authorizes fines and/or imprisonment for up to 30 years for U.S. citizens or residents who engage in illicit sexual conduct abroad, with or without the intent of engaging in such sexual misconduct. For the purposes of this law - and specifically for this case - illicit sexual conduct includes non-commercial sex with persons under 16 when there is at least a four-year age difference. Of course this would be a decision made by both Panamanian and US Prosecutors - if and when the time comes to do so.

Currently In Custody: Right now "Luiggi" Donahoue is being held at the temporary holding cells of the DIJ in Ancon, under orders of the prosecutor in this case. The Special Sex Crimes unit of the DIJ has a permanently assigned prosecutor who works for the Public Ministry, and the prosecutor has already charged "Luiggi" Donahoue in this case. I went to the DIJ and spoke with the detectives this afternoon, and they confirmed the details of the arrest, as reported. They also said Donahoue would remain in custody until further notice, while at the same time they explained it's up to the prosecutors and judges of the justice system to make those decisions. But right now, he's behind bars.

Not Talking: When the prosecutors tried to interrogate Donahour to ask him about the allegations being made against him, he took advantage of the Articles 22 and 25 of the Panamanian Constitution and declined to make any statement that might be self incriminating, and he said he would not answer any questions until his lawyer was present - as is his right.

Additional Photos of "Luiggi" Donahoue: Once again, these photos are posted for the benefit of those parents of young children who might have an inappropriate contact with this man. If you suspect your child might have had inappropriate contact with this man, you should immedately contact the authorites at the DIJ in Panama, or the FBI in the United States.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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40 Year Old Flag Football Coach (US Citizen) Arrested For Statutory Rape Of 13 Year Old Girl | 3 comments | Create New Account
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40 Year Old Flag Football Coach (US Citizen) Arrested For Statutory Rape Of 13 Year Old Girl
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, October 02 2012 @ 10:21 PM UTC

Not to belittle the seriousness of this crime against minors; I hope this guy gets exactly what he deserves.

However, I have a tid-bit of interesting trivia to share.

Don, you almost spelled it out when you mentioned "Unlawful Carnal Knowledge".

Back more than 100-years ago in Great Britain the bobbies (the cops) would write up rape arrest reports using terminology "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge". And then they would use the acronym F.U.C.K. throughout the report.

Instead of saying that "he raped her" they would say, "he F.U.C.K.ed her."

This police acronym then made its way into the mainstream English language where it evolved into the only word that I know of that can be used in so many colorful and despicable ways to add emphasis to whatever one is saying.

For example: Awe fuck. What a fucker. I'm fucking pissed! What the fuck? He's a fucker, she's a fucker, they are all are fuckers. Fucking funny. I finally completed my fucking taxes. My mistake, now I'm fucked. That was fucking awesome! That fucking sucked! Fuck me harder! I'm fucking baked. You gotta be out of your fucking mind! Where the fuck did they go? Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck is this? What a fucking nice guy. I'll poke out your fucking eyes and skull fuck you, you fucking moron! Fuck 'em he's a fucking mother fucker! Awe, the fucking fucker fucked me!

Or the word can stand alone within its own sentence with everyone within ear shot knowing exactly what is meant when someone simply says, "FUCK!"

Just in case anyone was wondering about the origination of the word FUCK.

There you have it. Now you all are fucking smarter.

Have a wonderful fucking day.


40 Year Old Flag Football Coach (US Citizen) Arrested For Statutory Rape Of 13 Year Old Girl
Authored by: D.T. on Thursday, October 04 2012 @ 07:08 PM UTC

Castration and 15 years in forced labor!