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Tuesday, September 17 2019 @ 09:31 pm EDT

Jerry Hall - Republican Party Ethics Investigation Looming

Expat Tales By DON WINNER for - "Doctor" Jerry Hall has been responding to the articles I've posted yesterday and today on his Facebook page. What's more, I spoke to a member of the leadership of the Republican Party in Texas. Right now there is a town hall event and Jerry Hall is present at that event. The person who I spoke to is going to publicly question Jerry Hall on the specific pending questions. For example - Do you live in Panama or in Texas? Where do you spend most of your time? Are you a Doctor or do you have a PhD? If not, then why have you been using that title for years. You say on your website that you donated $1 million dollars to needy school children in Panama. If that is true, is that donation reflected on your IRS tax returns? Please provide the specific information regarding to whom, when, and where did you supposedly make those donations? (Answer - it's all bull.) Jerry Hall has responded to the articles I've written by pulling down his website. (Update: 7 Feb 2010 - The website is now back up but a few key elements have been tactically removed. Specifically the claim he had previously made about having supposedly donated $1 million dollars to poor school children in Panama. He apparently pulled the site down just long enough to remove some incriminating lies that had been posted there previously, and in particular those details which I have highlighted in his series of articles.) Why? Maybe because he knows it's full of lies. In the last two days "Doctor" Jerry Hall has been trying to respond to the articles I've posted on my website via his Facebook page. Specifically, he has written:
  • "Doctor" Jerry Hall Writes: "WELL IN all campaigns the nuts appear, when someone is working hard there is always one out there. I have one who is trying to drive traffic to his failing web site. So be prepared to hear gossip. It happens to all candidates." Response: Jerry, my website is doing great, thank you very much. As a matter of fact I got more than 100,000 unique visitors in January 2010 (without mentioning your name even once.) In fact, is the #1 English language news website in the Republic of Panama, by far. We are the most read and most respected source of English language news available. And why? Because we are not afraid to call a spade a spade, and to expose frauds and scoundrels like you. Your feeble attempt to downplay or belittle this website is a serious mistake, one you can validate yourself by simply doing a Google search for "Jerry Hall Congress" - and you'll find our articles. In regards to "be prepared to hear gossip" - just answer the damn question. Where did the "Doctor" thing come from? Why did you spend years running around down here telling everyone you were both a Doctor and a Lawyer, graduated from Harvard and Colombia, if it wasn't true? If that's just "gossip" then why don't you spend less time attacking the messenger and more time answering the question?

  • "Doctor" Jerry Hall Writes: "This is the nut bucket this shows that he just loves to literally attack people at their homes. Just to shed some light on the nut bucket from Panama." (And then he includes a link to an article appearing on Okke Ornstein's website.) Response: The fact of the matter is that Jerry Hall quite simply fabricated and tried to spread lies about Clyde Jenkins, specifically saying that Clyde Jenkins was a pedophile, which was a flat-out lie. Jerry Hall called my office and tried to get me to actually publish his lies about Jenkins, and while I was on the phone with me Jerry Hall said he had access to a secret government law enforcement database - that he still had the login and passwords from "his time working with the government." Of course, that was all bullshit. He told me that he was looking at a warrant for the arrest of Clyde Jenkins and that he was a pedophile wanted in the state of Washington. When I asked him to print a copy and send it to me or to send the hard cold facts via email, Jerry Hall responded by saying that "well there's no way I can do that - if the people who gave me access to this network found out that I was passing information to a journalist, then I would go to jail." How convenient. Of course, he was just making it all up. When I refused to bite on his (bullshit) fabricated bait, he called Okke Ornstein. Ornstein was more than happy to publish the untrue gossip about Jenkins. As a result of legal action taken by myself and Clyde Jenkins in response to the articles published by Okke Ornstein on his website at the time which was called "Noreigaville" - Ornstein quickly pulled down his website and went into hiding. He actually took a gig in Afghanistan to avoid local prosecutors. There are now several criminal complaints pending against Okke Ornstein for defamation and slander. In short, Jerry Hall "played" Okke Ornstein like a fiddle - manipulated him for his own ends.

    "Doctor" Jerry Hall Writes: " This is the cropped picture that some nut bucket is using to say bad things about me. I look a little tired here is because I was up late working and met the President at 6:00 am I had to rush. I clean up better when I have time. Hall He cut the President out of the picture so it makes me look bad. That is why I am showing the total picture. I dont think the president would meet with a nut." Response: The President of Panama will have his picture taken with just about anyone. Jerry Hall's problem with that photo is this - that's what he actually looks like. On his website he's using photos taken about twenty years ago - a standard tactic for older politicians. OK, so he's vain. Big deal.

  • "Doctor" Jerry Hall Writes: "Because they don't have any information that is accurate or valid." Response: Hey Jerry - Why do you call yourself a "Doctor?" Please tell me - to whom did you donate $1 million dollars in Panama? Did you include that donation on your IRS tax forms? I mean, anyone who's going to donate $1 million bucks is at the very least going to take the tax write-off, right? If my information is not accurate or valid, why won't you answer those two very simple questions. Let's just start with those two.

  • "Doctor" Jerry Hall Writes: "They take things and twist them every which way just so they can say they have readership. Jerry Ray Hall THESE PRESS PEOPLE WHEN THEY HATE SOMEONE ITS ABOUT ANYTHING THEY CAN MAKE UP, Look What Happened to Sarah Palin, well now I have a couple on me because I am a Strong Christian and Loyal American. They are people who have fled America and are telling us what to do from another Country because they are not welcome in America. So they Hate Christians and Americans.... They are DON WINNER, AND CLYDE JENKINS." Response: Holy crap! There's so many lies in that one that I almost don't know where to start. First of all, Jerry Hall insinuates that I have somehow "fled" the United States and that I'm "not welcome" in America. Nothing could be further from the truth. My parents live in the Northeast and I visit them frequently. I live in Panama by choice. I have not "fled" the United States, and there is absolutely nothing preventing my return. However, this is a "classic" attempt at information manipulation - trying to plant a seed of doubt about my background or character. Next comes the reference to supposedly hating both Christians and Americans. Well brother, you're talking to United States Air Force Master Sergeant (Retired) Donald K. Winner, at your service. I spent a full twenty years serving in uniform in the defense of my country, which I love dearly. I see from Jerry Hall's bio and resume that he has never spent a day in military service. So fine, let's compare credentials. You have baseless claims, and I've got a box full of medals. I would be happy to compare by education, background, and credentials against yours any day. The only difference would be - mine are real. I love the United States and Americans in general - but you on the other hand - let's just say there's no love lost there. And with regards to the "hating Christians" remark - you should know that I am also a Christian and I know full what that what you are attempting to do - to play the "I'm more Christian than you" card - goes expressly against the Bible and the Word of God. In short - you claim to be a man of faith but your actions say otherwise. Maybe you forget that I have access to both the leadership and membership of the two churches which have basically expelled you from their membership. But fine, since you seem to want to play the religion card so hard - let's go. It will take me a day or two to uncover all of the details, but it will be my pleasure. Stand by for more.

  • "Doctor" Jerry Hall Writes: "Well I've got two nuts after me again. They are two unemployeed nut buckets from Panama, who are trying to promote their web site by doing a lite junk tabloid news paper, They make up any message just to get a reaction and then make this statement: After all, he ends his piece with: "I don't have the time to right now to go back and dig up all of the crap that went down." Response: That's right - I wasn't going to go back and dig up all of the old stuff that happened back in 2006, until you wrote me an email posing as your wife (she didn't write it - you did - I tracked the IP's.) And my website is not a "lite junk tabloid" but rather the #1 source of English Language News in the Republic of Panama, read by thousands daily. If it's such a non-issue, why do you care so much. (Rhetorical) You care because you know that between now and election day about 100,000 people are going to learn exactly what a lying sack of shit you really are.

Thanks For The Help, Jerry: And there you have it, folks. A perfect example of what this guy does. When faced with a simple and honest question from a serious and respected investigative journalist, instead of answering the question he "returns fire" by making untrue accusations against me, by trying to disparage my character, belittle and demean me and by website, etc. Why not just answer the question? Why do you call yourself a "Doctor?" Where did you supposedly donate the $1 million dollars in Panama? In fact - Jerry Hall is simply lashing out (again) because he's been caught in a lie. He is NOT a doctor, he does not in fact have a PhD, he has not graduated from law school and he is not a lawyer, and he has not donated $1 million dollars to needy kids in Panama. It's all lies, and he doesn't like getting called out on his bullshit. He's accustomed to being able to force and intimidate others into silence. Well, he can't shut me up, and I suspect the fine people of the 4th Congressional District in Texas will have a few questions for "Doctor" Jerry Hall at their next town hall meeting. Hey, here's another one - if you love America so much, then why do you live in Panama? Take your time...

But Wait - You Don't Have Any More Time: I just got a call from a person who is somehow a member of the leadership of the Republican Party of Texas. They are having a town hall meeting right now and Jerry Hall is there. I was told this entire incident is going to be brought to the attention of the Ethics Committed of the Republican Party at the National Level. The person who called me said - "If what you are saying is true, then Jerry Ray Hall should not be permitted to remain on the ballot." Yes, it's all true. If "Doctor" Jerry Hall is actually a doctor, then it should be easy for him to produce and prove his credentials, right? If he did attend Law School at both Harvard and Columbia, then he should be able to prove that as well. If he doesn't live in Panama, then just take a look at his passport - the stamps in and out will document his travel. If he did actually donate $1 million dollars to school kids in Panama - did that reflect on his IRS tax returns? And, speaking of tax returns, do those reflect all of the money he has made here in Panama? It doesn't really matter, because I don't think he'll get past the first question.

"Doctor" Jerry Hall Has Pissed Off A Lot Of People: When you make stuff up, create lies, and use those slanderous lies to hurt others, sooner or later it's going to come back around to bite you in the ass. Jerry Hall likes to use fear, intimidation, and threats to manipulate other people and to get his way. That might work for awhile, but in the end you just leave behind a string of enemies who can't stand you. Those people are now chomping at the bit to shut down the fraudulent campaign of "Doctor" Jerry Hall. It might be a little premature, but I'm about to add another notch to the side of my computer monitor. And, it's going to be a busy week in that department.

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Jerry Hall - Republican Party Ethics Investigation Looming
Authored by: susangg on Sunday, February 07 2010 @ 10:04 am EST

We Democrats are all happy that this whack job is running as a Republican.

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."
(Thomas Jefferson)