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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 10:41 pm EDT

"Doctor" Jerry Ray Hall - Texas Republican Primary

Expat Tales By DON WINNER for - I wanted to clear things up a little. I just checked the website of Republican Party of Texas. Jerry Ray Hall registered to run as a candidate in the statewide Republican Primary election, challenging long-time incumbent Ralph M. Hall to be the U.S. Representative to Congress from District 4. The following information is available on their website with regards to the candidate - Hall, Jerry Ray (Tea), P.O. Box 1014, Rockwall TX, 75087 972-800-1367, Profession - Mediator. Date of Birth - 8/9/1951. Date Registered as a Candidate - 1/4/2010. So, this is a primary election for the Republican Party in Texas. I just spent about an hour and a half calling the other Republican candidates who are running in this race against "Doctor" Jerry Hall. I was able to speak directly to three - Steve Clark, John Cooper, and Lou Gigliotti. And, I left voice mail for both Joshua Kowert and the incumbent, Congressman Ralph M. Hall (R). I called to let the the other candidates in this race know about the Panamanian exploits of "Doctor" Jerry Ray Hall and the articles I've published about him on this website. Once I get done informing the other Republican candidates, then I'll spend another day trying to inform the media. I did get one phone call in today to the News Editor of the Herald Democrat a newspaper in Texas 4th District. The specific questions I would have for "Doctor" Jerry Hall - Why does he used the title of "Doctor" and "PhD"? Where did he go to school? When did he graduate? In addition on his website he claims to have donated $1 million dollars to poor children in Panama. My question would be - Where? To what town? What school? What mission? Please provide the details of this incredibly (read: unbelievably) generous donation so that I can speak to the people who benefited and confirm. In fact - I already suspect that "Doctor" Jerry Hall never made any donation of any kind. The missionaries who I've spoken to here in Panama have never heard of him - and in those circles if anyone had actually donated $1 million dollars it would have made international headlines. Like I said - it never happened. Anyway, here's my "Jerry Hall" piece for today.

Oh, Almost Forgot: Yesterday afternoon after I published another article I got a call from a Panamanian lawyer who told me "yeah, that guy was in my office, and he told me he was a US lawyer who had graduated from Harvard and Colombia." As we now know - that was another bald-faced lie. Jerry Hall is neither a "Doctor" or a lawyer.

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