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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 03:01 PM UTC

Catch the NFL Playoffs at the New Superbook in Panama City

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying The Superbook VIP Sports Club would like to invite everyone to come by this weekend to catch the NFL Playoff Games. Superbook is a fantastic place to watch any sporting event. This week they are focusing on the NFL playoffs leading up to Super Bowl XLIV, they are also looking towards the future and scanning the calendar of upcoming significant sporting events around the world, such as the Winter Olympics, March Madness and the Final Four, followed by the NBA playoffs, the Kentucky Derby, and the World Cup this summer. They have access to all of the required technology and direct channel feeds from several different sources. "Big Mike" says "it doesn't matter if you want to watch something exotic or to see a game that's hard to get - if the game is being played, no matter what the sport or country, chances are we can get it on a screen for you. Just ask."

Recently Renovated: From their website - "VIP Sports Club: Feel all the sports action live in our modern and comfortable VIP Sports Club, where you will have a front seat complemented by the latest in technology with multiple plasma TVs, a huge projector screen and excellent audio. In addition, you can also enjoy the best in drinks along with delicious appetizers and dishes in our bar and restaurant." They've recently completed a major renovation, overhaul, and face lift - to include more, better, and larger television screens (there's like 42 right now and it seems like more go in every day) as well as improvements to seating, lighting, tables, and the entire general atmosphere and vibe. Superbook is a fully licensed bar and nightclub and they are trying to focus more on that part of their business as well. There's a large VIP area available for private parties.

Really Excellent Food: According to Bill Bates, the Food and Beverage Services Manager at Superbook, "we're trying to provide a higher level of quality with our food and to serve things that you can't find anywhere else in Panama. We have all of the regular bar food like hot dogs and hamburgers, but we even upgrade those with special touches and preparations. For example, we have our ground beef specially mixed at the butcher made from high quality lean beef - so they're better for you than a regular burger and they taste great." They also do a grilled "North Carolina style" chili-dog, which is actually a charcoal grilled sausage, split open and filled with (secret recipe) chili and coleslaw. And of course if you would like to "kick it up a notch" they also have a more complete menu with steaks and corvina. Personally, I never made it past the chili dogs and cold beer. Bill says with a grin "for the Super Bowl were going to roast a whole pig right there in the back - once that smell starts wafting over the city people will just follow their noses straight here..." They're really going to put on a great party for the Super Bowl this year.

The Superbook: As the name implies, Superbook is also offers the widest selection in sports betting options in all of Panama. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, boxing, tennis, golf … they have it all! You can bet live and in-person by visiting Suberbook to place your bets live with their representatives. You can also place your bets via telephone from the comfort of your own home. Call 214-8913 for more information on how to open your phone account. From their website - "Offering the local Panamanian public as well as international visitors the best location to gamble on sporting events, SUPERBOOK is proud to provide a high quality service that has earned the respect of our competition. With the opening of our new location we have amplified our services, and always remain committed to granting nothing but comfort and efficiency to our clients and friends. Keep enjoying our attractive gambling services with top-notch video and audio technology transmitting every single sporting event and match live, now well-complemented by our exclusive bar and restaurant. Located in the heart of the Banking Area in cosmopolitan Panama City, SUPERBOOK brings you action every single day of the week. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the finest and most varied experience in sports betting in all of Latin America. Enjoy your experience and live all the action at the Superbook!"

Location: The Superbook VIP Sports Club is conveniently located in the Banking Area (Área Bancaria) with easy access and ample parking. Superbook - formally known as "Kopas" - is located on the road that runs through the middle of the banking district, on the street that runs right past the Beirut Restaurant and the Marriott Hotel, on the right hand side about a half-block before Beirut. They have plenty of parking in front as well as behind the building and excellent security.

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