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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 08:55 PM EDT

Three Colombian Drug Traffickers Escape from El Renacer Prison

Crime & PunishmentPanama's Minister of Government and Justice, José Raúl Mulino, confirmed that on Monday morning three Colombians escaped from the El Renacer prison in Gamboa. Apparently the three Colombians, who are reportedly linked to drug trafficking kingpin Pablo Rayo Montaño, walked out of the front door of the prison, therefore criminal complicity of the staff of the prison can not be ruled out. Mulino said no one escapes from prison in Panama if there is no "corruption" and "complicity" on the part of the prison guards. Mulino said he would issue a full report on the situation this afternoon. (Source: Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Anyone who has enough money at their disposal can literally buy their way out of any Panamanian prison. They spread the money around so that everyone gets a taste, with the bulk of the money going to those who stand the greatest risk of doing some time in prison themselves if they get caught. The guards set it up so that it looks like an "escape", the bad guy heads for the hills, and everyone claims to know nothing. You know, kinda like Sgt. Schultz... In my humble opinion they should conduct polygraph examinations of the entire staff, and prosecute those responsible. Meanwhile, the three Colombian dudes will probably lay low for a few days, and then work their way toward the border.

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