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Tuesday, June 19 2018 @ 10:40 AM EDT

And This is Why You Can't Just Run Your Mouth...

Money Matters I happened to be in the Sala Civil of Panama's Supreme Court this afternoon, and I ran into a public announcement in the case of HSBC vs. Peter Gordon. According to the case file (which I read) HSBC is suing Peter Gordon for $5 million dollars in a civil case, alleging damages caused by Mr. Gordon through email exchanges on Internet discussion groups, as well as letters and other means of communications. The case file that I read was an attempt by Mr. Gordon's lawyers to have a "secuestro" removed from a private foundation called "Geelong." Mr. Gordon's lawyers argue that he is only authorized to open bank accounts for the foundation, that anything he might have said as a private individual on the Internet was separate from and had nothing to do with the foundation, and that private interest foundations cannot be sequestered according to Panamanian law. This case will be a landmark decision for the Panamanian justice system because as far as I know this is the first time that a Panamanian company has sued a member of the English speaking expatriate community for things said on a Yahoo Internet chat group (in English). HSBC is alleging that Mr. Gordon's statments have done harm to their company and reputation. $5 million dollars. Holy crap, batman. Would anyone like to talk more smack? Please step up to the microphone and speak clearly. I guess this explains why we have not heard from Mr. Gordon lately.
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