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Thursday, October 18 2018 @ 05:37 AM UTC

Chiriquí Prosecutor Asks for Trial in Environmental Damage Case

Panama News By José Arcia for La Prensa - The office of the Superior Prosecutor of Chiriquí ask for businessman Juan Gabriel Araúz Anguizola to be called to trial for alleged ecological crimes. The businessman has a tourist and real estate project he is developing at a beach called La Barqueta, in Alanje, Chiriquí province. Araúz was denounced by inhabitants of the area when he built a canal inside of an area called El Jobo, located in the Wildlife Refuge of Playa La Barqueta, which is a protected area. Lawyers for Araúz have stated that the work had to do with the clearing of an area for which they had permission from the National Authority of the Environment (ANAM). Nevertheless, investigations from the Office of the public prosecutor determined that the work finished with a dredging that affected the mangrove swamp. The subject comprises of a series of cases of contamination and damage to the environment this newspaper (La Prensa) offers today. (Photo Credit: La Prensa/Víctor Arosemena)

Editor's Comment: This is over the Las Olas resort. Panama really needs to get its act together with this stuff. They don't "get it" - every time someone tries to develop something (practically anywhere) sooner or later they have to fight their way through challenges on their environmental issues. There is no coherent policy on environmental enforcement. An uncle of President Martin Torrijos gets off with no problems at all for plowing dozens of hectares of mangrove swamps, while "gringo" developers are fined tens of thousands of dollars for cutting a few trees. In short, playing politics or inconsistently enforcing (or selectively enforcing) environment policies should be illegal. If Panama wants to take a step-up to the big leagues, they have to lose the multiple personalities with regards to ecological law enforcement. International investors simply loathe inconsistency.


Fiscalía pide juicio en caso de La Barqueta LA PRENSA/Víctor Arosemena Juan Gabriel Araúz1027059

José Arcia

La Fiscalía Superior de Chiriquí pidió llamar a juicio al empresario Juan Gabriel Araúz Anguizola por supuesto delito ecológico. El empresario tiene un proyecto turístico e inmobiliario en playa La Barqueta, en Alanje, Chiriquí.

Araúz fue denunciado por los moradores del sector al construir un canal dentro del estero El Jobo, ubicado en el Refugio de Vida Silvestre de Playa La Barqueta, un área protegida.

Los abogados de Araúz han declarado que se trataba de una limpieza del estero para lo cual tenían un permiso de la Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente. Sin embargo, las investigaciones de la Fiscalía determinaron que las labores terminaron en un dragado que afectó el manglar. El tema forma parte de una serie de casos de contaminación y daño al ambiente que este diario ofrece hoy.

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