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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 09:56 am EDT

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Arriving Tourists Robbed Leaving Airport
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, September 13 2006 @ 09:55 am EDT

This is a trick that gangs in Panama used to use very often back in the late 1990's. First, they target their prey based on how much money they have on them. How do they know what money is on them? This would happen in one of two ways. The first method used to happen at the customs level. When the tourist arrives Panama, they have to declare if they have over $10,000 in cash. In the late 90's, people who would purchase in the Free Zone would come down with hundreds of thousands IN CASH. Why in cash? Because it would cost way too much or be impossible depending on their home country, to wire the cash to Panama. So, they would bring the cash and declare all or at least some of the money. They were identified by someone infiltrated in Customs and were monitored. Once they left the airport, they were followed and hit by fake cops (uniforms and all) in between Panama and Colon.

What happened here though is the second method used. Simply wait for the stupid tourist to flash around some cash, dressed to kill, lots of jewelty, renting a car. The rest of the "method" is similar: monitor the subjects, follow them and wait for the right moment to get them to stop. This tagging method is highly used in the US. If you are tagged, meaning, slightly hit by another car. Slow down, but do not completely stop and dial 104 immediately if you have a cell phone and Spanish is a must sadly enough. That will get you to the police and you can report the suspicious accident or situation that you are in. The motorized police will be there shortly (within 10 minutes).