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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 03:15 PM UTC

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"Otto" On Petaqilla and Me on Judicial Security in Panama
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, February 22 2009 @ 01:51 PM UTC

Many talks and in english,what about spanish so the regular poeple from panama can understand what their land is going through.IM A PANAMANIAN CIUDADANO,and all of you are talking locals and nationals for a ride, lies,brain washing etc,but the poeple of panama need a allied who can spoil this mining ogros and make them go home for good.I DONT' CARE what you think you own in panama,but us the natives from panama will have the last word on it because i will let them know how they are being robbed from their own back yard resources,from their grandchilds,you canadians stink,so are the gringos from cerro chorcha in my CHIRIQUI you poeple must go home and love your pockets ,meaning dont waist your money any longer and stop bullshitting the world about something that doesnt belong to you,we know by fact of matters that the people from petaqilla ltd are liying 2 the public about their findings;after all my father works with the panamanian government and i know they are liying to the panama government as well with their findings and ways of handling the work,you poeple have devastated our forest and the rivers,and yet MR. PAREDES MAKES MORE CONCESSIONS FOR MINING? this guy really is going out of our government or else the chorchians and petaquillian will take accion because im working on it,convincing poeple teaching them how to love non renobables resources like our gold,that belongs to the childrens of CEMACO,PENONOME,URRACA,AMONGST OTHERS, NOT YOU. FOREIGNERS,ECOTERRORISTS;IT IS OUR MINERALS not yours we the natives never sold anything to you;we resisted the spaniards,and we will resist you too by the spirit of CACIQUE CEMACO(R.I.P.),SO THERE will be arrests again and again and again but you cant not succed in our explotation,so dont try this at my home,why would you kick a rock on bare foot? PATRIA O INEXISTENCIA GO HOME CANADIANS,or we will take accion starting delivering bad news to the stock exchange in toronto about petaquilla minerals. We dont want to sale our lands for yuor miserable chosas or so called local hospital,or the marcas you have done to our forest;the trails that you call roads so tell the world that the native from panama and regular panamanians dont want you in our lands comprenden? HOMELAND OR INEXISTENCIA