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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 08:11 am EDT

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\"Please Explain How Mining and Hydroelectric Projects Help Panamanians\"
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, February 27 2012 @ 04:10 pm EST

Are there mineral rights in Panama? I have been told that there are not. Perhaps this is wrong, but
even so, I do not see any offers to the Indigenous of any benefits. If there were some, perhaps they would change their thinking.

In Panama, it seems that money to the ¨plugged in¨ is always the primary focus. Another issue entirely, but as an example, consider the Boquete/David fourlane highway. The contractor has put a v-shaped concrete ditch between the highway lanes. I have heard that the original contract called for a hedge so that water would be absorbed into the ground and the bushes would obstruct headlights between the directions at night. The v-shaped ditch is going to be deadly for drivers. But it looks like the contractor is getting his way over the Boquete Alcalde.

What ever the government agrees to do for the Indigenous, I fear that such similar outcomes as described above, will be the reality. If the government had a good track record, it would be different, but there has never been good infrastructure in the comarca. In your article, the schools are described as ¨makeshift huts.¨ How sad that Panama cares so little about these children.

All of the expenditures you describe sound good, but I fear that it would be done without benefit to those living there and near there. Let the government make offers if these projects are important. Don´t blame the Indigenous if they don´t want to suffer the burdens for the convenience of the rich. The mining and hydroelectric projects should be good for all, but good especially for the Ngobes in my opinion.