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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 02:49 AM EDT

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Not Enough People To Fill Available Jobs - 0% Unemployment, Manpower Deficit in Panama
Authored by: susangg on Monday, June 25 2012 @ 01:56 PM EDT

While I am sure you are correct that there are not sufficient qualified people to fill all the available jobs, I don't agree that there is "zero unemployment in Panama." The fact is that there are large numbers of people, many of whom are uneducated, untrained, and unskilled indigenous people, who are unemployed. Some of them are unemployed by choice because they do not want steady work, preferring to work for a few days, get enough money to get drunk, and then stay away from work until they're broke again. But there are also many who would be delighted to work if there were jobs they could get to, transportation to get them there, and if they had the ability to perform those jobs. And for women, if there was child care available for them. Unfortunately, often there aren't. The jobs tend to be centered in urban areas, particularly in and near Panama City and the indigenous people are far, far away. The government is going to have to make some investments in training and education, transportation, and solving some of these logistical problems. They also have to invest more effort in transitioning many of its people from a basically stone age hunter-gatherer culture, in which the only time that matters is "now," to a culture of delayed gratification, in which "tomorrow" and "next week" and "next year" are also considered.
All this is to say its a bit more complicated than simply comparing the number of unfilled jobs to the number of people in the population.