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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 05:35 PM EDT

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Want to hear my rant about the current political wrangling in Panama? (Video)
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, July 13 2012 @ 12:26 PM EDT

Hello Don , I salute you for the insight on the political situation and your political commentary. In reality the underlying problem of the Panamanian people is that there is entirely " to much Money " flowing into Panama and circulating and that the people has never had the Confidence and Trust in it's elected Officials. My guess is that they don't trust in general themselves whether it's nepotism or a history of despotism or just the trait of the spanish culture ( juega vivo ).... My personal opinion is that Construction and Law-making has always been a way of skimming and profiteering or ( white-collar activity) for whomever got the contracts or was in Power and that's never going to end. I for myself as an Ex-Pat stay out of the Politics....... Unfortunately some of the Political activity or measures taken affect me like i.e. , having a 20 year tax-exemption on your home and then passing a Land Property Tax afterwards , or passing and imposing a special tax for burying power cables which is out of my input because I don't vote here or whatever new "Nickel and Dime" tax initiative that's coming down the Road. I know it's not a lot of expenses but it's the Insecurity. I imagine I'm not the only Ex-Pat who feels insecure of the future but that kind of politics leaves bad taste. ...I'm almost sure you have heard by now and that I have seen the ex-pats come, stay and get disallusioned on an average of about 3 years . I hope it's not because of the politics but then again who knows...... As for my wife and I we still enjoy our residence in Panama........