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Friday, September 20 2019 @ 02:42 pm EDT

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European Union Pressures Panama To Combat Illegal Fishing
Authored by: D.T. on Thursday, October 04 2012 @ 05:07 pm EDT

The European Parliament is an “Ali Baba stinking cave” plague by political crooks giving favors to unions and special interests for votes or cash as in the US congress. Europe is so devised by countries that they are not even able to regulate and control their own fishing zones and regulations. They want Panama to bear the costs of their “so call” protection of fishes. Let them first control the sale in Europe of those fish and then we will see. That is the same with cocaine (and other drugs) produced in South America and consumed by American in the USA. As long the “consumer market” is the norm, you have to accept the drawback of it. The USA Ban Cocaine and others ILLEGAL drugs but fail to punish ALL USERS OF THOSE DRUGS by only periodically checking some selected professions and not SOME OTHER POLITICAL SENSITIVE PROFESSIONS INCLUDING ALL HIGH GOVERNMENT SUCKERS LIKE THE PRESIDENT AND THE CONGRESS.