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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 11:01 PM UTC

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43 Arrested - Minors and Adults - Illegal Party Broken Up in David

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingTwenty-six (26) minors and seventeen (17) adults were arrested yesterday at 4:25 am by the municipal authorities and the National Police for holding an illegal party in an abandoned house located in the community of Varital, in the district of David, in Chiriqui. The clandestine party was discovered when police patrol passing the area on a 4-wheel ATV were attacked with bottles, being thrown by subjects who participated in the party. The authorities immediately coordinated a raid with the local Justice of the Peace Orlando Diez, resulting in the arrest of 43 people. Among those arrested were eight female minors who were also allegedly drinking. The 17 adults were transferred to the National Police headquarters in David, where they were charged with the "corruption of minors," while the teenagers were taken to the National Police headquarters, where their parents were charged with having violated Resolution 000-1-09 governing the curfew in David. It was learned the minors were turned over to their parents, for them to adopt control measures with the adolescents ranging from 15 to 17 years of age. The owner of the home was not in the place at the time of the raid. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: Mental note - throwing beer bottles at a passing police patrol at 4:30 in the morning is almost always a bad idea...

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Fourteen Calle Uruguay Businesses To Get "Safe" Stickers

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingToday, Wednesday 11 July, the Mayor of Panama will deliver the first 14 stickers to owners of nightclubs located in the area of Calle Uruguay which have been qualified as "Safe Businesses." The activity will be chaired by the mayor of the capital, Roxana Mendez, and will be attended by residents of Calle Uruguay, the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Fire Department, as well as the Land Transit and Transportation Authority. The National Police, the Chamber of Commerce, APEDE, and the Bella Vista Community Board will also be there, as well as the owners of the bars and restaurants that will be receiving the sticker. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: This is the end result of an effort to enhance safety and security in the area of Calle Uruguay where there is a concentration of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. A few months ago there was a rash of incidents (shootings) and everyone sort of came together to see what could be done to make the whole area a safer place. The end result is - a sticker. Yeah, that will work...

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The Original "Chiva Parrandera" Concept Has Been Degraded

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingThe creator of the concept of the "Chiva parrandera" in Panama, Jasmine Panay, said she has been out of this business for the past five years, and explained on the Telemetro morning news broadcast her original idea has been degraded to the point that last weekend a ground of minors were found drinking aboard one of these "mobile bars." Panay, who is also the owner of a recognized travel agency, explained this concept was brought to Panama from Cartagena, Colombia in 1994, where there is a very large tourism business, and given the success of this concept there, they wanted to try to duplicate the same idea here; to give tourists the opportunity to enjoy a different kind of city tour, with set schedules, tour guides, and traditional music. She also said from the moment she decided to try to bring this innovation to the country, she asked the Tourism Authorities who were in charge of issuing licenses at the time to regulate the activity because she saw the concept could proliferate, and she wanted to try to prevent cases like what occurred last weekend. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Over the weekend the police stopped one of these rolling bus parties and found it to be full of drunk minors. When they arrested them all and took them down to the police station, some of the parents who showed up gave the police a hard time for having arrested their drunk children. In Panama the legal drinking age is still eighteen years old, but it's common for minors to find ways to get around that limitation.

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Rum tasting at the Brandy Library

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingBy Amy Laviero - A lot of companies claim to be family owned and operated, but Varela Hermanos, the producers of Ron Abuelo rum, is one that truly practices what they preach. "Abuelo is my baby," notes a proud Luis J. Varela Jr, at the Ron Abuelo rum tasting in Tribeca’s Brandy Library. Varela, the current CEO and the founder's grandson, notes that beginning with its birth in 1908 Varela Hermanos built a company with strong roots. The company is a leading producer of spirits in Panama and holds 90,000 barrels and counting. "Aged rum in the United States has a lot of potential," he begins. His goal is to make U.S. drinkers appreciate the complexities of aged rum, and is looking to Spain as the model. Twenty years ago, Spain's attitude towards rum was similar to what the U.S. exhibits now, using mostly clear rum to create fruity tropical drinks. Spain now has moved from carrying nearly 90 percent white rum to 90 percent aged rum, a turnover the company is hoping to initiate in the United States.

By using sugar cane instead of the molasses typically fermented to create rum, Ron Abuelo’s products have flavor profiles ranging from light and almond-y to richly smooth with a maple finish. They are great for drinking neat, creating typical rum-based drinks, or substituting spirits in classic drinks such as the Manhattan. The rum, aged in traditionally in American white oak barrels with a 200L capacity, not only increases output, but helps to alleviate barrels lost. Nearly 2 percent of the barrels used to create scotch in Scotland are lost each year; a small number when compared to 10 percent of the barrels lost on the Varela Hermanos plantation due to Panama’s heat and humidity.

Beyond providing a quality product, Varela says the company prides itself on giving back to the people. Supporting the Special Olympics in Panama and planting a tree for every person who passes the finish line is only one of the community driven tasks the company participates in annually. Varela Hermanos also has a tech center and an arts center geared towards fostering education and creativity in young children. The company was the first rum company to avoid burning sugar cane harvested for rum production (which makes cutting easier), and are one of the few companies that still hand harvest.

After a brief lesson on the company's history and the ins and outs of aged rum, we move on to the real reason we have gathered in Tribeca’s aptly named Brandy Library, rum tasting. Before we begin we are given a quick rundown of each product we will taste; Ron Abuelo Anejo, 7 Anos, 12 Anos, and Centuria. "Each one has a particular characteristic," we are told, "each is very different." It's easy to see why most of the advertising done by Varela Hermanos is through trying the product. I never imagined rum could exhibit such an array of flavor profiles and texture. The Ron Abuelo Anejo ($16/750mL) is a younger aged rum good for drinking on the rocks or in mixed drinks. It is drier compared to most aged rums, and is often used in a "tinted”, Panama's take on the rum and coke, using only soda water and a splash of cola.

The Ron Abuelo 7 Anos ($23/750mL) is where we begin to notice the surprising nuances aged rum can exhibit. It's sweet with dry fruit and a smooth, thicker consistency than its younger brother. My favorite, the 12 Anos ($33/750mL), has a nice concentration in aroma and flavor because it still holds the tannin which is typically extracted from white rum. It has notes of oak, vanilla, clove, and cinnamon. "Oh man, do you smell that?!" one woman asks her friend. "It smells like maple syrup."

Finally, we taste the crème de la crème, the Ron Abuelo Centuria, which is only produced in small quantities each year. Its buttery, toffee undertones come from age and the careful combination of vintages aged from seven to 30 years. At $130 a bottle, you are truly getting what you pay for; the product is so smooth you could easily enjoy it neat.

It's this product that has won Ron Abuelo a number of awards in the United States. These awards are used to promote internationally, and partly account for the drastic increase in sales in the last 10 years; a growth that is easy to understand after enjoying the products. (Fox News)

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Only 30 of 800 Independent Prostitutes in Panama City Attend New Health Program

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingOf the approximately 800 independent prostitutes working in Panama City, according to statistics from Ministry of Health (MOH), only 30 have attended the program for attention to sex workers created by this entity. This program was implemented three weeks ago by the MOH, but barely 2.4% of the sex workers have come to be attended. Aurelio Nunez, director of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Program, said the focus project is new and "that's why very few have attended the clinic." Dulce Ana Torres, of the Network of Women with Dignity and Rights of Panama (MDDP), admitted only a few have gone to the health checks.

INTERNATIONAL DAY - The June 2 marks the International Sex Workers Day, or "ladies of the night" as they are known, so more than 1,500 independent prostitutes in Panama are preparing to celebrate the date with a meeting in which address issues of prevention, sexual health and the importance of the International Network of Sex Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean (Retrasex). "Through the MDDP network we achieved that, as of three weeks ago, for the MINSA to provide sexual health care to working girls on the street," said the representative of this group. In Panama there are a total of 1,800 independent prostitutes according to the Ministry of Health.

"DEMAND RESPECT" - Torres said they are not seeking to legalize prostitution, but rather to have their work respected. "We demand respect, and that the authorities do not discriminate against us because of the work that we do. We are human beings and we ask for the same rights as the rest of the population," she said. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: When they say "independent prostitutes" in this article, they mean girls who are working on their own, who are not in Panama on an "alternadora" (entertainer) visa, who are not attached to an established night club, strip club, massage parlor, or brothel. Literally any woman in the world can fly to Panama, rent a room, get a cell phone, put an ad in the classifieds to give "massages" or whatever, and get to work. Most of them will get picked up on the street, with the meeting coordinated via cell phone, and then take the client to a push-button. There are no controls whatsoever on these girls, and this new initiative by the Ministry of Health is designed to allow them to get basic health checkups, controls, and information for free. And since it's a new program the girls are obviously a little skiddish, because they've been abused and taken advantage of by corrupt Immigration officials for years.

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Poker Tournament at the Veneto Hotel - $500,000 Guaranteed

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingThe Veneto Casino, located in Panama City, is hosting a festival no-limit hold’em poker tournament from April 17-22. The event starts tomorrow, Tuesday, 17 April 2012, and plays to final 20 percent of total players for each day. The last day of the event and the final table will be played on Sunday, 22 April 2012.

The tournament buy-in is $2,000 which includes a hotel room and all meals until the end of the tournament. Players will receive $25,000 in chips for the tournament, as well as a hotel room from the day the tournament starts (5 nights). There will be a 24 hour buffet open, only for the players who are participating, located in the poker area where the tournament is being played.

Blind Levels: Blinds will change at 40 minute internals. According to the following schedule;

  • Read: Level - Small Blind - Big Blind - Ante
  • 1 - 50 - 100 - 0
  • 2 - 100 - 200 - 0
  • 3 - 150 - 300 - 0
  • 4 - 200 - 400 - 0
  • 5 - 250 - 500 - 0
  • 6 - 250 - 500 - 50
  • 7 - 300 - 600 - 50
  • 8 - 400 - 800 - 100
  • 9 - 500 - 1000 - 100
  • 10 - 600 - 1200 - 100
  • 11 - 800 - 1600 - 200
  • 12 - 1000 - 2000 - 200
  • 13 - 1200 - 2400 - 200
  • 14 - 1400 - 2800 - 300
  • 15 - 1600 - 3200 - 300
  • 16 - 1800 - 3600 - 300
  • 17 - 2000 - 4000 - 400
  • 18 - 2500 - 5000 - 400
  • 19 - 3000 - 6000 - 500
  • 20 - 4000 - 8000 - 500
  • 21 - 5000 - 10000 - 1000
  • 22 - 6000 - 12000 - 1000
  • 23 - 8000 - 16000 - 1000
  • 24 - 10000 - 20000 - 2000
  • 25 - 12000 - 24000 - 2000
  • 26 - 14000 - 28000 - 2000
  • 27 - 16000 - 32000 - 3000
  • 28 - 18000 - 36000 - 3000
  • 29 - 20000 - 40000 - 3000
  • 30 - 25000 - 50000 - 4000

Rebuys and Add On: There will be No Rebuys and No Add on, however players will have the option of re-registering for the tournament to re-enter by paying the initial fee of $2,000 for the same starting amount of chips ($25,000) – Deep stack.

Prizes: The total prize pool to be distributed will be based on the total number of participants in the tournament, minus 20% for accommodations, operational and administrative costs. A minimum of $500,000 is prizes will be distributed, guaranteed. For more information, or to sign up to participate, please visit our website at:

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Young Expats in Panama at the Nitro City Panama Action Sports Resort (Roadtrip!)

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying
Young Expats in Panama at the Nitro City Panama Action Sports Resort
Young Expats in Panama at the Nitro City Panama Action Sports Resort
By DON WINNER for - Here's a "freebie" for my buds at the Young Expats in Panama group and the guys at the Nitro City Panama Action Sports Resort. They will be having another party up there this weekend, Saturday, 14 April 2012. Here are the details;

  • Ticket Deadline Extended: Thursday, April 12th until 8pm

  • Where: Nitro City Panama Action Sports Resort
  • Location: Punta Chame (1 ½ Hour drive from PTY)
  • Time: 10am – 9pm
  • Date: Saturday, April 14th (Advance ticket purchase required before April 11th)
  • YEP! Special Price: $49 (plus tax & processing fees with online card purchase - Contact to pay in cash)

  • Extreme fun in the sun at Nitro City with YEP!, ticket includes:
  • Roundtrip transportation (Punta Chame, 1 ½ hour bus ride)
  • Day pass (entrance to resort, pool, beach, gym, skate park)
  • YEP! beach volleyball games & live hip-hop DJ at sunset
  • Spray games urban art - View 10 local artists spray graffiti
  • …and the best time you’ll ever have in Panama…Welcome to Paradise!

  • Additional Special YEP! Prices (not included in ticket cost):
  • YEP! Happy Hour (open cocktails of the day & beer from 6pm to 9pm with pizza): $20

  • Itinerary
  • 10:00am: Buses depart from Avenida Balboa, in front of Multicentro
  • 11:30am: Arrival at Nitro City/Activity Registration
  • 12pm – 5pm: YEP! Beach Volleyball Games, Soccer, Spray Games Urban Art, Pool, Beach, Sun & Fun
  • 6pm – 9pm: YEP! Happy Hour Party/Live Hip-Hop DJ
  • 9pm: Buses depart for Panama City
  • 10:30pm: Arrive back in Panama City

  • To view pictures from the last super fun YEP! Does Nitro City, visit the facebook link below:

  • A huge thank you goes out to AQUACAI WATER for providing free water bottles to the YEP'ers for the entire day and of course to the amazing, NITRO CITY RESORT for providing this fantastic YEP! activity venue!

  • To purchase your ticket, visit:

Worth Checking Out: If you haven't been to the Nitro City Panama Action Sports Resort it's definitely worth checking out. More fun per square meter than just about any place else in the Republic of Panama. I'm also trying to help Skyler's Young Expats in Panama group get off the ground, mostly because they're having a good time and providing a forum for the younger expats, who are mostly entrepreneurs, to meet. And what better way to get to know someone than para-sailing, wake boarding, parachuting, or playing beach volleyball together. Sounds like fun.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Mayor Will Enforce The Law On Calle Uruguay (Noise, Traffic, Safety)

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingThere are laws and regulations governing all of the activities that take place on Calle Uruguay, where several businesses such as restaurants and night clubs provide their services, however they are not being followed, said the Mayor of Panama City, Roxana Mendez. On Monday Mendez met with the residents and owners of bars and nightclubs, to discuss and seek a solution to the constant complaints from those affected by safety issues, noise and traffic congestion. The Mayor said that in order to enforce the regulations the Municipality of Panama is committed to be the coordinating body of a task force to implement corrective action in a timely manner. (Telemetro)
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Mayor of Panama Meets With Nightclub Owners and Residents of Calle Uruguay

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingThe Mayor of Panama met with the Directors of the Association of Nightclub Owners and the Residents of Calle Uruguay to find a solution to security problems and noise affecting residents. The residents complain of excessive noise emanating from the nightclubs in the area, coupled with the levels of insecurity resulting from the ingestion of alcohol late into the night. Panama City Mayor Roxana Mendez said they are evaluating the requests from each group in order to reach one accord, in order to seek a solution to the problems affecting the community that resides there. The Mayor said it is not necessary to create new laws because the existing rules are sufficient, and what is needed is the implementation (and enforcement) of those rules, so that one can live in the area with ease.

The leader of the residents, Lorena Milanes, added that in recent weeks there have been increased levels of insecurity, so it is necessary to increase police operations in the sector. Milan welcomed the work being done by the Mayor, to find a solution to the problems that have been facing residents for several years. The meeting included representatives of the National Police, which since this weekend have redoubled their operations in the area, as well as representatives from the Fire Department of Panama. (Dia a Dia)

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Carnival Death Toll Reaches One Dozen - Revelers Returning From The Interior

Nightlife, Bars, and PartyingAs of Tuesday evening the Carnival death toll had reached one dozen. Eight of them died in circumstances not related to the holidays. The other four, which were included in the official account of the security sectors, were all road and traffic fatalities. Two of them occurred in the western sector of the province of Panama, and the other two in the same accident which occurred in Cocle. The deaths occurred between Saturday and Monday, according to the Emergency Operations Center, which coordinates the operation. It is estimated more than 127,000 vehicles traveled from Panama City into the interior of the country for carnival. Of those, 83,784 have already returned according to statistics provided by the police. On the last day of revelry another 800 drivers were ticketed, in addition to the 3,621 who were sanctioned between Saturday and Monday. Parallel to the Carnival celebrations another eleven people lost their lives in unrelated incidents. (Estrella)
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