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Planes and Aviation

  • Americans In Panama (8,649)
    The primary mission and purpose of Americans in Panama (or AIP) is to provide support, information, and a means of communication for English speaking expatriates who are currently living in the Republic of Panama or looking for information about living here. Our name is "Americans in Panama" but we welcome English speaking members from all countries; Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and others. We use this group to share information, provide mutual assistance, and keep in touch with other expatriates.

  • Panama Golf (6,608)
    Local, international, and visitng golfers use the Panama Golf Yahoo! Group to talk about available golf courses, put together groups, talk about tournaments, clubs and equipment, etc. This is a place for golfers to find other players, put together groups and tee-times, talk about courses, and brag about that last great shot...

  • Panama (1,324)
    Simply the best English language content web portal about Panama. There are thousands of articles, photos, and links about Panama. No one else does it better.

  • Panama Real Estate (6,807)
    The primary purpose of Panama Real Estate (PRE) is to provide a forum through which propery owners can advertise and market their holdings and those interested in purchasing property in Panama can search for and find information about buying and owning property in the Republic of Panama. Property owners can use this group to advertise properties they have for sale in the Republic of Panama (Central America.) Buyers can use this group to investigate potential properties and make initial contact with sellers. Everyone is welcome.

  • PANAVIACION - Become A Pilot. Own Your Plane. (5,938)
    PANAVIACION Corp, a Panama registered company, is distributor for FlightDesign, the leading manufacturer of Light Sport Aircrafts. PANAVIACION now offers FlightDesign's successful product family, consisting of CTLS, CTLS Supralight, CTSW and the MC, all across Central America, in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Light Sport Aircrafts are changing the world of General Aviation, simply by changing the rules of the game. Lower purchase prices and significantly lower operation costs make owning and flying a plane much more affordable. And to become a sport pilot is less demanding than becoming a private pilot.