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Non-Panama Links

  • Bruce Blakeman for US Senate (2,214)
    In America, despite its flaws, we have the greatest health care delivery system in the history of the world. So instead of tweaking the health care system to work better for the uninsured and underinsured, why is Washington attempting to dismantle a system that works well for most Americans? It doesn’t make sense. Most of what’s going on in Washington these days makes no sense at all. I will bring a no-nonsense, common-sense approach to the issues facing our country based upon the tried and true values of affordability, accountability and responsibility while recognizing that, in dealing with our enemies and friends, strength and power earn respect. Weakness and indecision invite disaster. It would be a privilege and honor to serve as your senator. I ask you for your vote and support.

  • Expats Reunite (1,003)
    Launched in May 2003 Expats Reunite has thousands of members from more than 185 countries throughout the world. From Africa to Antarctica and Zambia to Zimbabwe we have members from every continent. It has helped reunite many friends who have lost contact with each other. The most incredible reunion was 2 members who hadn’t seen or heard from each other for 47 years. They last said goodbye to each other in Hamburg in 1956 but they made contact again, after all these years, through Expats Reunite. An incredible story but absolutely true.