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  • A farm in the rainforest of Panama (1,101)
    My name is Stephan Schwab. I moved to Panama in 2006 and my wife and I have been enjoying living here ever since. This whole farm thing is something completely new to me. I’m not a farmer by trade. My profession is software development and I usually work for clients outside of Panama as a Software Technology Consultant. I view running a farm as a good way to get away from the computer screen and free my mind. Plus being in outside and in nature is more healthy. I don’t like to run track or spend time in a fitness studio working machines. I’d rather do something that’s a means to an end. I think the farm will provide a lot of opportunities for that. - "I think it's going to be interesting for people thinking about moving to Panama or maybe invest to read what kind of problems I encounter and which experiences I make. My current plan is to get started with regular cattle farming for beef and later, after I've figured out how to transport the product (two rivers to cross) add milk production.

  • A Shipping Container House In Panama (2,400)
    : A Shipping Container House In Panama is a blog about us, Fred & Cynthia, an expat couple living in the mountains of Panama. I (Fred) write blog entries about our hands-on experience of building our unique house from shipping containers. I also write slice-of-life stories as they happen to us. My goal is to write positive stories with a bit of humor, and make even the more technical entries enjoyable by a wide audience. Panama certainly isn\'t for everyone, but for us it is home and we embrace it.

  • Backpack Panama (1,649)
    Backpacker stories from the road, eco-lodge and hostel experiences, adventure tours and insights into what to see and do in Panama.

  • Boquete (1,464)
    The semi humorous ramblings of a couple transplanted from Tucson, AZ to Boquete Panama.

  • Chiriqui Chatter - Don Ray's Personal Blog (3,038)
    A wonderful personal blog written by a talented retiree living in the Republic of Panama in the western province of Chiriqui. The site containes photos, poems, and a daily journal of what is happening in his world. See Chiriqui through the eyes of an expat who's already made the plunge.

  • Destination Panama (1,234)
    English Blog on Panama; Insider information and tips on traveling to or living in Panama. Lively, Informative Blog on Panama, and Life in Panama. For Visitors, Panamanians, and Expatriates Living in Panama.

  • Hot Panama Lady's Stories- Day to day life in Panama and past experiences (1,051)
    Heather Macaulay - The Author; Heather has been in Panama since April 2007 where she has now established permanent residence. She has visited a large part of the country but there are still new areas to explore which will provide new insights for this blog. Heather started this blog after several years of wishing to be involved with an internet business and writing. The first blog was started on how to find a business on the internet and documentation of the findings.

  • Learn About (933)
    Safely Invest in Panama Real Estate - Mark Kanty has been there and done it! He moved to the Republic of Panama. With his wife and two sons he traveled throughout the country and learned how to Safely Invest in Panama Real Estate bargains. From Panama City to Bocas del Toro and Boquete. Now you can follow the journey with his young family discovering the best places to eat, stay, live and invest. To learn more about Mark's family adventures in Panama visit

  • Living at Red Frog Beach Club (1,373)
    This information is managed by the Home Owners at Lot 11. Bone fide Owners at Red Frog may register to post, comment and ask questions as they see fit. The only proviso is that contributions be posted under each owners Lot # which is subject to verification. The information is neither provided by, endorsed by, associated with, or controlled in any way by, the Developers of Red Frog Beach Club. It is an independent forum for Home Owners at the project. In many respects, things in Panama are never what they seem to be, or what one expects when residing in the United States. It is helpful to recognize information that is 'Panamania', 'spin', 'misleading' or just simply 'omitted. This resource is a compilation of facts on the ground as owners find them. It may be used with confidence as both resident and renting owners establishe themselves as a premier Residential Resort Community.

  • Online Petition to Support Finca Los Monos (1,010)
    Many of the five hundred plus people who signed a Petition in support of the Gillinghams have a financial interest in Bocas and other areas of Panama and realize that these efforts may have an adverse affect on those investments but all have said “This has to Stop!”